Rocscience Inc.'s Rocscience Course: 3D Slope Stability Analysis using Slide3 and RocFall3 begins on Sep 25th 2023
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Drilling for the 5.63-kilometer-long Učka Tunnel in Croatia has been completed

It was announced that drilling for the new 5.63-kilometer-long Učka Tunnel in Croatia has been completed on Monday, September 18. The new Učka Tunnel will be the second road tunnel under the Učka mou...

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103 new geotechnical engineering software added to DCOdes

103 new software regarding geotechnical engineering, many of which are available for free, have been added to DCOdes. They include solutions for mining, data management, site and laboratory investig...

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Landslide after torrential rain hits houses in northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo

A landslide occurred on Sunday, September 17, in the northwestern DR of the Congo, after days of torrential rain. Furthermore, the incident took place near the banks of the Congo River, in the town...

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The failure of Libya’s Wadi Derna dams and its role in the catastrophic aftermath

Storm Daniel, a Mediterranean hurricane system, caused widespread destruction in Libya this past week, bringing with it more than 400 mm of precipitation in areas that normally receive 1.5 mm for the...

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Advancing the Frontiers of Blocky Rock Mass Modelling with Discrete Fracture Networks | Rocscience

This article describes the importance of Discrete Fracture Networks (DFNs) in rock mechanics modelling. It outlines capabilities in Rocscience programs RS3 (and RocSlope) to analyze discontinuous (...

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PLAXIS 2023.2 New release is out!

This latest release solidifies Seequent's Connected Geotechnical Workflow, reducing the need for duplicate entry of data across several software packages. Other functionality adds more geotechnical c...

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Subsurface Modeling and Analysis Finalists in the 2023 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure

The annual awards program honors the extraordinary work of Bentley software users advancing infrastructure design, construction, and operations throughout the world. Twelve independent jury panels, r...

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How to take full advantage for your organisation workflows with OpenGround

Learn how connected workflows within OpenGround and the wider Seequent ecosystem can make your processes more efficient and safe. When starting to use OpenGround, many questions can come up about how...

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Automating the analysis of 160 ground improvement designs with PLAXIS

WSP, using the automation capability of PLAXIS together with Python, found the right ground improvement solution, from more than 160 different design combinations, for the Stephenson Avenue phase 2 e...

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Keller announces recent leadership changes in North America

Curtis Cook has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chris Banks has been promoted to Senior Vice President.  Curtis Cook has been promoted to Executive Vice President for Keller’s South Ce...

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Rockfall Hazard Mitigation

In general, protection measures can be distinguished into two main categories: engineered and non-engineered measures (Turner and Schuster, 2012). Engineered protection measures...

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9.2. Example Problems

Problem 9.1 A square footing of width 2.25m is founded at depth of 1.5m on a sand layer which has the following shear strength properties: c=0, φ=38͒. Determine the total ultimate bearing capacity...

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9.1. Bearing Capacity

Definitions Fig.2 shows the relationship between the settlement and the applied stress on the soil surface. Curve C1 refers to dense soils (general failure), while Curve C2 refers to lose so...

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Chapter 9: Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

A foundation is considered as shallow when its width is greater than its embedment depth (Df ≤ B). Figure 1: Definition of shallow foundation When the ground surface level is different betwee...

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3.3. Graphical Generation of Flow Nets

Flow Nets - Confined Flow Number of flow channels partitions nf = 4 Number of equipotential drops nd = 9  nf/nd = schematic flow net coefficient = 4/9=0.44 A-B: first equipotential...

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3.2. Two Dimensional Flow

When flow is two-dimensional, simple application of Darcy’s law is not enough for the solution of the problem. Considering flow in the x-z plane through a soil particle dx,dy,dz Vεισ= volume...

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3.1. One Dimensional Flow

One dimensional flow - Darcy’s law (Darcy’s law, 1856) where, Q : volumetric water flow rate (volume/time units) k : coefficient of permeability (or hydraulic conductivity) (length/time...

Determining Norsand parameters in Plaxis 2D

By Sally Simpson, 12 May 2023

Using HS Small in Plaxis 2D

24 Feb 2023

Contact for GeoPrediction Competition

By Vincent Bongioanni, 29 Nov 2022


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2022 Geotechnical Business Directory

This unique annual business directory includes 26,000+ professionals and 1,000+ companies and organizations in the geotechnical engineering profession. Powered by GeoWorld, the professional network fo...

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Practical Soil Dynamics

The objective of this book is to fill some of the gaps in the existing engineering codes and standards related to soil dynamics, concerning issues in earthquake engineering and ground vibrations, by...

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Practical Guide to Green Technology for Ground Engineering

Over the last 50 years there has been rapid development of construction techniques, analytical methods and materials for use in ground engineering. One of the major techniques which has been developed...